Daddy Owen Stays Humble, Haves Breakfast At A Kibanda

If there’s anyone who is staying humble this February, it has to be Daddy Owen as he is upcountry to reconnect with his roots.

Earlier today, the “Vanity” star took to Instagram to post a photo of himself having tea in a plastic cup and chapati “dunga” under a tree. The opinionated singer is big on sticking to the gospel ways, and is one of the few who have not backslid…like Willy Paul.

Daddy Owen Finally Opens Up About His Father’s Death

In fact, when his good friend Gloria Muliro got divorced, he referred to the Bible when he was asked if he thinks the “Sitolia” singer should remarry.

If a gospel singer’s spouse dies, one can remarry because it was not their decision for that to happen but when one divorces, that one should never marry because it was their decision like the case Gloria Muliro, she should not go back to being married. You should stay like that till you die,” he said in a recent interview.

As for his humility, check out how he had breakfast:


“Breakfast in Budalangi.. kibanda chini ya mti.. chai kikombe ni ya plastic.. chapo dunga 👌”

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