‘Daddy Owen was my roommate when we had nothing,’ says Ringtone reveals old days

Self-proclaimed Chairman of the gospel industry Ringtone, killed the show at Daddy Owen’s album launch last night.

Away from throwing shade at other artistes, Ringtone took time to congratulate Owen for launching his sixth album.

While addressing the audience, Ringtone mentioned that they started music with Owen at the same period.

Narrating their humble beginnings, Ringtone revealed that he did not have a house in his early days in Nairobi.

They lived together with Daddy Owen and his big brother singer Rufftone.

“I used to live with Owen. We would sleep together on the same bed at Rufftone’s house. This one (Rufftone) used to feed us. I did not have a lot of clothes, I used to wait for a cloth he wore the previous day, and wear it. Rufftone used to meet me in town with a T-shirt he had won the previous day and give me.”

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Ringtone also rebuked Kenyan celebrities who have been cross-dressing and those who had decided to use their talent to mislead God’s people

“I rebuke the behavior of men wearing women’s clothes, starting from Bahati and that Mtumba guy. There is no way a man can wear women’s clothes. Mr. Seed should return my money, I contributed to him during his album, kidogo naona ameanza kutoa ngoma za dawa ya baridi ni wasichana. Mr Seed wewe ni mwizi, return my money.”

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