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Daddy Owen defends Kibaki’s grandson for ‘snubbing’ Raila Odinga

Singer Daddy Owen on Saturday defended late Mwai Kibaki’s grandson for allegedly snubbing ODM leader Raila Odinga during the former president’s burial.
Kibaki’s grandson was seen looking away when Raila was shaking hands with Kibaki’s family members.
On his social, Daddy Owen called out people who unfairly judged the young man subjecting him to social media trolls yet the video was manipulated.
“I have seen so many people trolling this young man on social media, this is the correct video that u can see clearly from this angle that the young man is shaking the hand of former PM Hon. Raila Odinga.

It is unfair that people have judged him all day yet he was avoiding the photographer and not the former PM,” he wrote in a social media post.
Owen added that social media people conclude issues before being keen.
“It is sad that on the streets of social media you can be unfairly judged by people jumping to conclusions.”
Apparently, the video in question is clear that Kibaki’s grandson shook Raila’s hands before turning away from a camera person who wanted to take a picture of him.

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