‘Dad is worth 150 million but can never spend a dime on us’ Cries city man

A Classic 105 fan left Maina Kageni in shock after confessing that his father is worth a whooping 150 million shillings, but has refused to pay for his daughter’s school fees.

This is despite the fact that the fan recently lost his mother who was the sole financial support. Speaking about his experience he says,

“Maina I am aged 28 and my father has never spent a dime on me or my sister.

Last year, my mother passed on and during the burial a friend  of mine told me that his dad had talked to my dead beat father and asked him to man up and take his responsibilities now that our mother was dead.

A request he quickly agreed to but it never came to materialize despite the fact that he promised to pay my sister’s school fees.”

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He adds

“After the burial my sister approached him about her fees, he bluntly told her that he had an issue with his cars (more than 20) and that he had to take care of it first.

Maina this man has flats and owns more than 20 matatus with North Rift he comfortably rakes in Ksh 20 million in rent every month.

The sad part is that all his kids went to high end schools but they are all drunkards,On the other hand God has been gracious enough and despite the struggles we went through I am now working.”

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Asked whether whether he knows where his dad lives, he says he does but he is waiting for the right time to get his revenge.

“He lives in Eldoret but I do not know the exact house.

I am just waiting for him to die I will not let them bury him without a fight. My mother was too quiet and she never loved drama but I will take up that role and fight for what is ours.”

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