My Dad Returned My Bride Price After My Cheating Husband Slapped Me In Front Of Him

A young married lady shocked many when she sought some marital advice on social media after her husband allegedly assaulted her. Wait for this, in front of her father, yes his father in law.

All this she says was because she took her husband’s phone, went through it and warned one of his mistresses not to ever text or call him. She says her husband’s reaction might have been either because her actions irked him or the side chick told him something else.

Her husband upon learning the whole thing walked right up to her, shamelessly slapped her twice in front of her dad and this angered the dad who punched and fought him, before his son who was present bundled him out.


She went ahead to narrate that her angry dad threatened to disown her if she did not leave the abusive marriage, and to make matters worse, he refunded her daughter’s bride price just to show that he was not playing around.

Her now remorseful husband was on his knees begging her not to leave him and the whole fiasco has left the battered lady in limbo.

Read her post below.

My husband slapped me in front of my father,right in his face he landed me 2 slaps and my dad punched him and fought him. He did not fight back he was just holding my dad ,before my brother came and bundled him out.
People might want to know what I did ,
I took his phone and warned one of his side chicks never to call him again,he go upset and could not wait for us to get home ,or maybe the side chick told him something else and he just came to beat me up .
My Dad has threatened that if I don’t leave that marriage he will disown me .
He put my bride price in an envelope and asked me to give it back to him while my brother follow me to go pack my loads back home .
My husband has been begging,who do I listen to .

Read some of the comments she received.

  • ogechi_jay: Listen to your father. That your yeye husband is not only disrespectful to you and your family but does not have sense. I am sure you don’t want to live with a senseless man all the days of your life!
  • samueldora298: Better quit now that u r still alive n in one piece
  • toniareal: For now follow your Dad,because what your husband is height if irresponsible, everyone temper is still very high which is normal but don’t pack all ur things but pick a few things you need in this trial time and be prayerful and advice your husband to do the needful by sincerely apologized to ur father if possible with his family because the issue has pass intimacy and lastly for your own good and ur life, don’t pick nose in ur husband affairs if you cannot control ur temper, men are what they are but through prayer and submissive we will all conquer…. Those demon called side chick are in for a mission and can ho any length to conquer please don’t give them chance again and be greatful to God always.

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