CUTE! Popular Mother-In-Law Actor Ninja Welcomes a Baby Girl And She’s Too Adorable (PHOTO)

The greatest joy for anyone is welcoming a newborn into the world, and now Mother-In-Law actor Ninja is the latest dad in town.

Ninja, real name Jeff Okello is one of the original cast members on the Citizen TV drama show who’s still going strong in the competitive film and TV industry.

The celebrated actor has revealed that he and his un-named spouse welcomed a baby girl on May 18 and he couldn’t be happier.


He shared a cute photo collage of him and the cute infant, where they both hold their index finger up to represent one, with a sweet caption that read; “When you know she is daddy’s girl on day 1. #teamnumberone.”

The Mother-In-Law cast member plays the role of a watchman for the Mwambas and is known for his humorous and comical nature, but in real life, he’s nothing close to a security guard.


Ninja once revealed that he couldn’t cut it as a watchman, although he is able to pull off acting as one.

Jeff was born in Huruma and he’s the fifth born in a family of ten, yes, ten children, resulting in his father being nicknamed ‘military’.

Check out the cute photo below that Jeff Okello aka Ninja shared of his bundle of joy.


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