Cute! Check Out Zari’s Message To Her Munchkins Tiffah And Nillan

Zari Hassan ‘boss lady’ has been going through a difficult time especially after the loss of her ex husband Ivan Semwanga who died while undergoing treatment in Pretoria, South Africa.


Zari sired three children with her late husband and in an interview, she said she’s going to double as a  mother and father to her sons and ensure they never luck.

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She had to fly all the way to Uganda for to bury the man who was once her husband, leaving the young ones behind.

Zari is currently in a relationship with Tanzania’s sensation Diamond Platnumz and together they are blessed with a daughter, Tiffah Dangote and a son Nillan Dangote. It’s still not clear when she will be going back home.


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However, she took to social media to jot down cute messages to her little ones, considering she hasn’t been home to spend time with them.

She said, “My princess, my heart beats for you. I miss your drama. My shkiki, my one and only💖💕 @princess_tiffah can’t wait to see that cute.

She also had sweet words to shower her youngest one saying, The skwiiiishiest skwiiiishy of all skwiiiishies. You are my skwiiishy, Your missed deeply @princenillan.”

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