Ben Githae

Curse! Tano Tena singer Ben Githae opens up why he doesn’t drink alcohol

Gospel singer Ben Githae has revealed the reason he does not drink alcohol.

Speaking to Ala C on YouTube, Ben says he is afraid that bad things will follow him.

“My grandmother cursed me. Alisema nisiwai kunywa pombe,” he said.

Ben says that the only time he took alcohol was in 2014 but a fellow artiste stopped him and reminded him about the curse.

“In 2014, I tried drinking at a function we attended together with other artistes. I asked a Guarana but after the first sip, Muigai Wa Njoroge took it away and reminded me of what my grandmother warned.”

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Ben Githae

He, however, says that there could be gospel artistes who take alcohol but people should not judge them.

“If there are artistes who drink, please stop exposing them. That will not stop them from drinking. My advise is that if it is possible for them to quit, it would be fine.”

During the interview, Ben also mentioned that despite being a gospel singer, he has strayed and cheated in his marriage and got other children out of wedlock.

“But God lifted me up again. I take care of all my kids. I have made it official about my kids. I don’t have an illegitimate kid and I now how many they are,” he said adding that he will post a photo with them.”

Ben Githae
Ben Githae

He has since overcome and moved on although he says it was not easy.

“You check the mistake and learn from it. You go back to God and ask for forgiveness. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I went through coz even today, I still feel the effect.”

To any person who may be in the same condition as he was few years ago, the Tano Tena hitmaker says;

“Pick up the broken pieces and start again. To any person who do not take care of their children, all kids irregardless of where you got them from, they deserve the best from you,” he said.

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