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What the curious facts your appearance says about you

Sometimes well almost always, your appearance can portray the kind of person you are.

These are some of the features that can describe the kind of person you can be;

Tokeo la picha la appearance


When one has wrinkles on their face it can be due to many reasons. One is a sign of aging, it can also be due to stress from anger.

Tokeo la picha la wrinkles

Prominent cheekbones

A study conducted by scientists at the University of London show that men with a high level of testosterone have broad faces and thick cheekbones. The level of this hormone has a direct connection with dominance and aggressiveness. One look at your cheekbones can make one know the level of your hormones according to that research.

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The face shape 
Scientists have proven the connection between face shapes and dominance. The ratio of the distance between your ears and the distance between the upper line of your eyes and  your upper lip can tell the chances of your success.

A shot tells your profession

One shot of you can give a clear definition of the kind of person you are. Someone can tell the kind of profession you are taking from the way you are dressed or conduct yourself.

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The selfie positions also have a deeper meaning other than that of attraction. One of them is about gender. Women turn their heads to the right showing their left cheek and men vice versa when taking selfies.

Tokeo la picha la selfie


This especially to psychologists is used as a tactic of reading someones mind and behavior. For instance someone can look deep into your eyes and tell whether you are lying or telling the truth. The eyes can also say whether you are using drugs. Especially if they are red in color and it’s not a healthy problem.

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