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“I was crushed!” Betty Kyallo opens up about daughter’s illness

Tv personality Betty Kyallo had been undergoing tough times this year when her daughter Ivanna was diagnosed with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (Adem). Betty says that the four-year-old had been put on life support for a month.

Taking to social media, the Tv presenter gave courage to families that were also going through difficult moments

“Early this year my sweet lovely daughter Ivanna was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. It was marked by a sudden widespread attack of inflammation in the Brain and spinal cord called ADEM (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis) Basically this disease damages the protective coating of the nerve fibers called myelin that act as conducters to all muscles for basic human functionality.”

Adding  “What this means is that one day my beautiful four year old daughter stopped walking, soon stopped talking, soon stopped eating soon was so drowsy couldn’t keep her eyes open and thereafter went into a deep coma that she had to be taken to ICU and put on life suppport for a whole month. For the Larger part of her diagnosis doctors couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with her. We did numerous tests looking at every organ and blood but for a long time of hospitalization in Nairobi Hospital Children’s ward we couldn’t find it. All the while she kept deteriorating every day losing one function after another. Today she could talk the next day she couldn’t make a sentence. Etc.”

She then went on to thank all those who helped her through this journey “Thanks to God and the brilliant doctors that were so kind and gracious in their work and how they diligently treated my daughter especially Dr Ismail primary ICU pediatric carer for my daughter, the overall lead Neurologist carer Dr Oyatsi and ICU nurses, Ward doctors and nurses we finally found a name to what was eating her. ADEM. As a mother this was my lowest time, I was crushed every day seeing my daughter wasting away and Couldn’t do anything. HE IS FULLY HEALED. AMEN! 😊”

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