I had to cross the border to get a wife as Kenyan women are gold diggers

Back in July, President Uhuru visited Tanzania, where he indicated he wants his son to get a wifey from.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said that Tanzania would be a good place for his second born son Muhoho to try his luck in marriage.

Kenyans were upset about it, questioning if the President thinks Kenyan women are not good enough. I would love to know his answer.

Muhoho Kenyatta on a run away
Muhoho Kenyatta on a run away

This sentiment seems to have been corroborated by a man who told Maina Kageni to advice men to ‘vuka border’.

The man told of his frustrations with gold digging Kenyan women, and eventually decided to go to matoke land (Uganda) to search for a wife.

‘The worst Kenyan gold diggers are those who are working. They are bottomless pits they are trying to live beyond their means, so it’s not wrong to be ambitious but you see kila kitu ( they want to be done for everything) People give up dating because of things like that. 


So is this the reason why he doesn’t date Kenyan women?

They are on a mission to kula, they are corrupt they have messed up relationships from the word go and they are going to mess you even more. People should look for wives elsewhere.

I’m married to a Ugandan I had to cross over and get a woman from Uganda. I tried but Kenyan women especially the ones with children, they are messed up they are poison

Whew chile, a little too harsh on us isn’t he girls? Drop your comments below Classic 105 fam.

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