Bahati and Diana Marua looking at their son

‘I cried and had mixed emotions the whole week, Diana Marua celebrates son’s first birthday

Bahati and Diana Marua’s son Majesty Bahati has turned one year old today.

Through her social media account, Diana Marua recounted having mixed emotions for a whole week before giving birth to her son.

She shared a video on her Instagram narrating how happy she was on the day she was going to deliver as she was sure she would be coming home with an addition to the family.

She was not sure how her first born daughter who was only one and a half years old would react after seeing another baby

Diana wrote;

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Bahati with Diana Marua at the event
Bahati with Diana Marua at the event

“ONE YEAR DOWN 14.08.2019 😭🙏

A day like this Last Year, My Pregnancy Journey was ending in a few hours. I had cried, I had mixed emotions the whole of that week. I was happy that the wait was over and I was about to hold my baby in my arms. I was sad at the same time because I knew I’ll miss the feeling of him kicking and seeing him play in my tummy, that special season of getting everything you want and ordering people around 😂🙆‍♀️.”
She added;
“I was anxious to meet him, what would he look like? I was leaving home for hospital pregnant and I’ll come back home holding a baby, how would my baby @heavenbahati handle it? she was just one and a half years old, my small baby who understood nothing yet. @morgan_bahati thought 4 days in hospital was a long time not seeing his Mama around. I almost cried with him again. The journey to the hospital was an eventful one, MJ was kicking hard, he wanted to meet his Family. This was the Day that the Lord had Made and it was About Time I hold yet another Blessing @MAJESTYBAHATI in my Arms…. THANK YOU GO.”
Check out photos of the one year old Majesty.
Diana Marua in red
Majesty Bahati

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