Crazy World! 16-Year-Old Boy Marries A Granny 55 Years His Senior

We are truly in the era of Ben 10’s taking over older women.

A 71- year-old pensioner from Indonesia has caught the attention of many and not in a good day. The elderly woman has hooked up with a 16-year-old boy, and the two ‘love-birds’ are said to be happily in love.


Their 55 year gap is not a problem to them, but their families have resisted this love affair, and now the Ben 10 and his cucu lover are threatening to commit suicide if people won’t let them get married.

To appease them, a local offered them leader offered his home where the two got married.


The boy named, Selamati Reyadi from Indonesia, tied the knot and from the pictures courtesy Coconut, guests seem horrified at the turn of events.

The ceremony took place at night, and it’s also said that the young boys family paid dowry of almost Sh320,000.


Love wins!!


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