Crazy Kennar’s video slandering rich compared to poor men goes viral

Let me just warn you that your ribs will hurt dearly after watching this video.

Comedian Crazy Kennar recently shared a video comparing rich and poor men in the sack. I mean the song even does the video justice. In the video, Crazy Kennar is seen hammering away at wood in different ways and the carpentry illustration made many feel some type of way.

In the video that has garnered 309,000 views. It got the interest of many Kenyan celebrities with Michelle Ntalami eliciting mixed reaction after commenting.

She said ‘Balance. 😂😂😂’
The replies to Michelle tells us many of you get it.

From Dj Sadic to Kabi wa Jesus to Phil Director and Celestine Ndunda, one gets that the video has hit home.

The broke men battalion are excited that he has truly reflected the truth.

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