Crazy body tattoos that will leave you shocked (photos)

It’s said that tattoos are like love, beautiful and sometimes painful, but some people around the world have thrown caution into the wind and turned their body into canvas’ and it’s creepy.
These individuals have full body tattoos that many on social media have said is an uncomfortable sigh.
It’s not like we are hating, here are the photos so you be the judge.

1. The Late Rick Genest



2. Adam Curlykale

The 32-year-old man body is 90 per cent covered in tattoos

The tattoo-mania, who also has albinism, says he started drawing ink on himself because he felt depressed by his pale skin



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3. The late Dennis Avner aka ‘stalking cat’



4. Etienne Dumont



5. Maria Jose Cristerna



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