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Unless our leaders stop their political rallies covid-19 will never end-Kenyans tell Maina

Today morning, Maina Kageni spoke about the recent rise of Covid-19 in the country. He said, “In the past two weeks the Covid-19 cases have gone up in the past two weeks. The BBI rallies will have to go on and some matatus are carrying full capacity.”

He then asked what people were doing enough to deal with the pandemic? Many Kenyans were critical of the government’s handling of the pandemic, especially the re-opening of schools.

Some of those comments are below:

“Hii story ya Covid we should blame the government because they opened the schools knowing that this virus is still with us. The government doesn’t care about the common mwananchi.”
This thing is very tempting but we should not lower our guard. Covid is real because I have lost a couple of friends.”
Yesterday i travelled from Kakamega to Nairobi, there was nothing like social distance. We were eleven in a shuttle that I was traveling with instead of eleven

Hawa politicians kazi nikutupea reports na wao hawafanyi hizo vitu so we are just following the leaders.

Our leaders don’t care. After embezzling Covid funds sasa Wamefungua mashule ndio waweze kufanya 2022 campaigns. Hio BBI ndio most important kwao sio wananchi.

Maina this numbers are cooked. Kwani Tanzania hawapati kwanini. If corona is real all of us would be having it because tunaguza pesa kea matatu daily… Wawachane na sisi.

Corona iko, tukubali vile tulikubali ukimwi, precautions ndio tutek serious, we are fighting a fight tht will never end ata second waver ikikam maina corona haitaisha sai.

Corona is there and it’s real, I work in a hospital and people are dying and others are in ICU fighting for there lives. Guys should wear a mask and sanitize and keep social distance, good day.

I continuously put on my mask, keep distance whenever possible, and go about my daily life as normal.

The laws can be amended but nyani ni wale wale, the native spirits remain to determine.
A mental paradigm shift is necessary.

Me navaa tu mask, sanitizing ata nilisahau manze… .

Reggae itambee ..haha

Here we have nothing to do here but we accept and move on tuikubali kama ukimwi

Wacha kaende kaende kwani iko nini…hawa watu wanatubeba vibaya, those no. are cooked.

Unless our leaders stop their political rallies Corona will Never end in the 254 

We are used to it ,,,so keep safe I keep safe na maisha isongeee

God for us all Maina

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