‘I Couldn’t Even Move’ – Betty Kyallo Narrates How She Ended Up In Hospital Because Of Fatigue

Betty Kyallo is a hardworking female journalist who has constantly proven to us that women, too, can make it in whichever field they decide to venture. But with all the hard work, sometimes our bodies shut down. Furthermore, we are not robots; we constantly need to rest just to be able to function properly.

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Well, Betty has finally learned that her body needs to be taken great care of after she had to go to the hospital after suffering from extreme fatigue. We are every now and then reminded that fatigue can actually kill someone but we take the situation lightly. Well, thank God for in this situation, Betty rushed to hospital and got the right medication.

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She took to social media to express that she’s feeling much better and how she has learned from her situation that we have to take things slow and take good care of ourselves.

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She said, “Feeling much better after recovering from extreme fatigue. Yesterday I left work for hospital a few minutes to my bulletin after it caught up with me proper and I couldn’t even move. Learnt that sometimes you have to slow down from the hustle and rest.”

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