Could Willy Paul And Vanessa Mdee Be Dropping A Collabo Soon?

After releasing his latest controversial song “Malingo”, Willy Paul has been in Tanzania promoting his project. However, it is worth noting that the jam has sparked controversy since its content is not entirely gospel.

In the song, he brags about his achievements and that girls should stop acting too hard to get on him.

vanessa willy paul

Its been a successful day..in Dar Tanzania… me and my full team after our meeting with the best female artist in East Africa.. Vanessa Mdee

He also asked his fans what the title of their song should be, and this is what they had to say:

gina_nicker 😂😂😂😂😂😂ati njoroge
nestoryfidelis2 Njoroge will be nice
onyango924 Hahaaaa yellow rider
joss_mynar Phorroshop
kadenyo_joy Kwani ni salome tu, basi tumia hata poze yako
gracious_recious Njoroge
214_wanjiku Njoroge
onesmusdishon Njorooge brother
kev_tamz Njoroge all the way.
kevinvincent7089 Sa venye songs zako zmetushinda kucategorise kaa ni circular ama gospel… So iyo pia atujui …erry usitoe ju it will be even more than confusing
joan.wanjiku.10485 Salome

Do you think their collaboration will be a hit?

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