Cord condemns use of live bullets in Narok chaos

Action must be taken against those who authorised the use of live bullets during the Narok protest, Cord has said.

“We are deeply concerned at the tendency by the Jubilee regime to refuse to provide leadership in situations of conflict and resort to violence as a solution. The right to picket and to protest is protected by the Constitution,” the coalition said on Thursday.

It’s statement followed a parliamentary group meeting of its leaders on Thursday. Cord advised a political solution to the problems in Narok saying the people were demanding accountability from the leaders they elected.

Noting that “authoritarianism” will fail, it said: “Brute force is inconsistent with the demand placed on us as a nation for a reformed and people-friendly police service. Kenyans demand and deserve higher standards.”

The Monday protest was to oust Governor Samuel Tunai following corruption allegations.


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