Corazon Kwamboka assures new mums on postpartum insecurities

Mother of two Corazon Kwamboka is six weeks post partum and loving her snap back journey.

On her Instagram, she shared somem of the things she is excited to resume in her life after giving birth.

‘I’m almost 6weeks postpartum and couldn’t wait any longer to resume gym. It’s been about 7months since I worked out. I got my doctors approval to do ‘light workouts’ but mimi ni ule msee.

Anyway, I listened to my body, broke a sweat and felt good. My gym wear is from @genio_sport’

One woman noted her perfect body. said ‘The way you bounce back like nothing happened is amazing 😍🔥🙌’

Other similar responses got Corazon to assure that it takes time and it’s damaging to expect to have the same experience as another mother.

‘snapping back is purely a genetic thick,if you store fat on your belly snapping back wont be immediate. so there no need to panic about something you need have control of. i genetically store fat on my thighs that’s my challenge area’

she also added ‘As long as you’re healthy and happy don’t worry about snapping back give yourself time. enjoy being a mom .appreciate your new body. don’t compare your snapback with instagram people. we’re all different’

Another caption read ‘forget about these myths about overeating while breastfeeding and eating for two wwhile pregnant , you can eat healthy and have enough milk. mboga and cereals plus lots of fluids. I did my research . do yours n whats best for you’

‘the goal is to snap back to life honey not snap back body. its about getting your life back on track after a borderline traumatic experience. going back to doing the things you love and focusing on you’

‘I’m not a doctor, gynae or fitness expert.consult thee people please i don’t know the answers’

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