Frankie Kiarie with Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon and hubby Frankie flaunts their photos together amid breakup rumor

Rumour had it that fitness coach Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka were not together.

The breakup rumours were made by Corazon’s cryptic posts on Instagram suggesting that all was not well.

“I feel so alone and sad. I want to have a genuine smile again, to be really happy,” read one of her posts. 

Fueling the rumours, the two unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Corazon denied the claims that Frankie has neglected her saying,

 “Gosh. Kwani there is something wrong with Ugali and Mala? Y’all used to people showing you only the glam lifestyle.”

“We’ve always lived separately and we’ve talked about this. My fiancee’ is super supportive to me.”

The two have proven that they are still an item by flaunting photos of them together each standing next to their car.

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This was after Corazon Kwamboka announce she had bought herself a new ride, a sleek new Mercedes Benz.

Corazon said, “I have finally joined the Merc club.”

Adding, “I had to gift myself for years of hard work and investments tuu.”

The couple have a son and are expecting their second child early next year.

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