Cops always pick him up! 12 signs you are married to a conman

If your man is always a guest of the state, he is a fraudster.

On the Monday morning conversation, Maina wanted to know if ladies are asking their husbands crucial questions about their source of income. More so if your man is living lavish with no sign of a biashara.

He told of a friends experience “Her husband is a conman, a  fraudster and she asked to find out if other ladies are going through it or she is alone. Her husband is a thug and she told me it really haunts her she just knows whatever he is doing isn’t legal. How do you stay with a mkora a thief a conman? ama it doesn’t matter as long as the money is there?”

Many women responded that it doesn’t matter. So incase you are interested here are signs you are married to a con.


  1. One man said that if he is always being picked up by cops, then he is a fraudster
  2.  Another caller said he is always travelling returning with goodies like jewelry you cant explain.
  3. Your instincts are telling you something is off
  4. Conflicting answers and stories
  5. You hear them brag about money you don’t see
  6. You can’t verify his affiliations/businesss pals
  7.  He is a master manipulator for your emotions and your relatives to win them over by gifting them to buy their loyalty
  8. As soon as you met them your finances become shaky. You are spending as fast a you make it, yet you had a really good saving culture before he came along. He always needs money for something.
  9. He needs to move in with you ASAP coz a ka deal finished his rent and also can’t pay for electricity, water.
  10. He somehow always needs to use your car. He will pull at your heart with sob stories about his dear cucu being sick and needs to travel to ushago, or a pal needs to go view a shamba in oilotoktok.
  11. They tell you how quickly they fell in love with you, yet it never happened with another woman like never before, and this story of attachment to you is aimed at conning you to believe you owe him for being at your beck and call.
  12. They will offer great ideas like where to vacay, go for game drives, see greenhouses in Nanyuki railway or buy those homes that are a one in a lifetime opportunity. He always comes up with good tu deals because you are a softie for him, you agree to immediately fund his crazy ideas.

Forewarned is forearmed dear Classic fam.

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