Would You Continue Dating A Woman If She Spent Sh 56,000 On The First Date?

Dating is no easy thing and can be pretty rough for a guy who’s on his first date, and so ladies it’s probably best if we observed some first date etiquette.

A Kenyan dude has taken to his Facebook page to describe in the most agonizing way how his date played him.

It turns out he had budgeted about Sh5,000 for the occasion, however, she had other plans.

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Girls if we expect our dudes to take care of us while on a date it’s only fair we be considerate. So this guy took his date on a lunch date, confident that the cash he had would cater for the bill. He goes ahead and encourages her to order drinks, without taking the time to check the price list. I guess it’s because men figure a woman can’t positively order such high-end drinks on the first date right?

Wrong! Shock and behold when the bill came and it was a whooping Sh 56,000. Honestly, what would you do?

See a screenshot of the agonizing dating experience he went through;




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