‘I once considered suicide as an option’ Akothee recalls

Akothee has confessed that at one point in her life considered suicide as an option due to the challenges she was going through at the time.

The mother of five has always portrayed herself as a no nonsense lady but what many may not know is that circumstances in life have taught her to toughen up.

Taking to Instagram Akothee boldly stated that the reason she decided against suicide is because she was all her daughters had.

“Always be a mother to your children good mother even in poverty, its your responsibility,.

I have never heard of a man committing suicide because the wife just past on while giving birth! Nor him passing on and being buried after the wife, only in very rare or no case.

Instead, they are forced to marry immediately after your burial , at one point I lost hope in life and thought of suicide as an option.

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But I remembered “my children have no one other than me! If my phone is off and I get their missed calls! I panic, I call them already 2 times a day, shout once a month , but laugh and gossip everyday , apart from. @oyootheprince.

Iif I tell him , I miss him, he tells me then why are you mot here? And stop calling us every time, my children are my life.

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