I was conned a new phone and Sh7,000 shopping by smart scammers

In the course of their criminal careers, thousands if not millions of Kenyans have lost money and other items in the hands of cons.

A woman with experience of how she was swindled by women in Nairobi attracted alot of sympathy we had to share her story to help y’all.

So a twitter user going by the handle @loisejones narrated that

until you guys stop helping everyone on the streets ndio mtaacha kuconniwaLoudly crying faceLoudly crying face
so sometime last year as i was shopping, kwa supa, since it was the start of the sem,some lady approaches me and asks what’s the best brand of pilau masala,
mimi ni nani….
the mother of kindness:),nikamshow,
kidogo kidogo she switches the story and tells me kuna msee ameangusha doh hapo entrance na ameona mathe amechukua hiyo doh and it was aloooot so tumwambie tumemuona atugawie ama tureport sisi haoo tukamapproach

We were abandoned by both parents 40 years ago. We were 7 kids! Woman tells Maina

huyo mathe seemed shocked vile tulimuuliza about hiyo doh so akatushow ju def kuna cctv cams twende tukagawanie doh nje tusitrackiweLoudly crying faceI felt like it was my lucky day ningejaza bedsitter yangu we went hapo stage ,there are some benches,tukakaa

confused geography

After like 3mins,some dude comes and says amepoteza doh na anashuku huyo mathe tukona yeye ndo amechukua ju she was behind himTriangular flag on post,(upto date I’m still shocked at how I didn’t know this looked like a plan)I defended the lady actuallyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy
yaani hivo ndo doh ilikuwa imenichizisha,enyewe money is evil, so the guy went. nikabaki na the two ladies so akanionesha doh alichukua and it was actually alot,1000s mob wrapped na zikaekwa kwa paper bag,
so since the place looked risky tukadecide twende naivas ya chini,na ndio isikue suspicious twende separate ways tupatane tu hukoFace with tears of joy(lakini yaani hawa watu walinibeba wana hivo aki,hadi siamini)anyway…
the lady that approached me suggested tuexchange our bags ndio huyo mathe asipotee na dohTriangular flag on postI agreed,si nikapewa hiyo bag ilikuwa na doh nibebe,nikawapea my sling bag,like we exchanged things hakuna mtu alibeba kitu yake then tukaleft
so when we all took different routes it’s when I realised all the money I had and my phone were on that sling bag nilipeana,at that point sikushtuka,nikafika naivas stayed there for like 10mins waiting for those guys coz labda nilikuwa nimetembea mbio,waaapi!
time started moving fast,20mins,30mins,giza inaingia and no one’s showing up. nikadecide kuingia ndani ya supa nicheck if there’s any of the faces,no face looked familiar. vile nilitoka nikaona it’s too late na ni kama nimechezwa sikutense hadi..
nikajiconsole mi ndo nikona doh yote,I can get myself a brand new Samsung phone since mine was a Samsung and the rest of the money nifanye shopping and everything I wanted..mimi huyo mpaka Samsung shop,nikafika selected the phone I wanted told them..

waweke mpaka screen guard ju I’m loaded heeeh so vile I took my hand in the paper bag nichukue doh I literally frooooooozemy hands were filled with sweat,yaani hata sikumbuki the reaction but I remember running back to that stage(kwenye tuliachania)
yaani that bunch of monies had a 1thousand note covering mabahasha. I cried mpaka I had no more tears. they’ve taken my 2month old phone,pesa yangu ya shopping I guess it was around 6-7k na there was around 5k kwa Equitel,walichukua yote aki..
in exchange of 1k only nilipanda tu mat nikaenda kwa nyumba looking helpless

from that day on,hata ukue umetumwa na malaika mgani and you need help in town you won’t get it from meSlightly smiling face
thank you for y’alls time✌

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