Conjestina Achieng

‘People have wished that my daughter was dead’Conjestina’s mum cries

Its been a while since Conjestina Achieng’s career took a nose dive,having had been in the limelight she is now a shadow of her former self.

Conjestina Achieng’s mother says her daughter’s poor health and suffering have been difficult to bear for the family.

Speaking to The Nairobian, Conje’s mother, Getrude Auma, said her daughter’s mental illness has made her life miserable.

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She claimed that some of her friends and neighbours insult and ridicule her, and that people have taken advantage of Conje’s illness.

“I have been called names. I have lost friends. People have wished that my daughter was dead. I have seen it all, but I believe God and expect a miracle,” she said.

Conjestina during her boxing days
Conjestina during her boxing days

‘You will live to give a testimony to your great grandchildren.’ Mishi Dora to her kid after word went round that he has died

She claims that after their family exhausted all their finances to cater for Conje’s medication, she turned to friends, something she regrets.

“Some people took advantage of the situation and started making money from her condition. We know of people who visited us, took pictures with her and used them to make money,” she claimed.


She revealed that Conjestina was early this year taken to a rehabilitation centre in Homa Bay courtesy of a local betting firm.

“It was supposed to be a six-month treatment plan and the company paid all the money. However, the facility’s management kicked her out after three months for what they termed ‘Conje’s aggression which threatened other clients,” she said.

Conje’s brother, William Ochieng, was summoned to pick her with no take-home medication nor follow up.

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Adding that

“From that day, we have never seen peace in this home,” said Auma, adding that Conje has sunk into drug abuse, a situation which has seen her leave home very early in the morning and return late at night, sometimes violent.

“Sometimes we get calls informing us that she has been attacked for provoking people in the neighbourhood or in the market,”

Auma adds that her lowest moment was when a man from Kisumu visited her home to report that Conje’s son had stolen from him, only to later learn that he was an imposter, and wanted to get sympathy money from people.

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