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Congratulations: Eliud Kipchoge named 2018 IAAF Athlete of the Year

Eliud Kipchoge has been crowned the 2018 male athlete of the year at a ceremony held at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco on Tuesday on Tuesday December 4th.

The 34-year-old Kenyan won the London Marathon in April in 2:04:17 to finish comfortably ahead of one of the deepest marathon fields in history.

Five months later, he won the Berlin Marathon in 2:01:39 to smash the world record. His time in the German capital was 78 seconds faster than the previous world record, representing the biggest single improvement on a men’s marathon world record since 1967.

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Kenyans have taken the time to congratulate him and below are some of the comments
Rubén Jácome Cadeza: You are one of the biggest atlhetes of all the time, you are one the proof that Jehová exist!

Nar Van: Congratulations! So glad to hear about this wonderful news. Salute!

Aziz Azzabi: Congratulations Champion and all the best for next year, Not only are you a long-distance runner hero, you are also a master of modesty and a great person

Ruto Nelson: Wow! Congratulations once more Eliud…continue flying kenyas’ flag

Pushpendra Yadav: Keep inspiring the world!

Jassie Santi: Congratulations Eliud Kipchoge ….you deserve it…


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