From community husbands to breadcrumbs! Lilian Muli shades toxic men who disrespect women

Citizen TV anchor Lilian Muli is not about to give up in getting a prince in her life.

This time round she has taken to her social media to point out that toxic men are breadcrumbs.

In a post on Instagram, Lilian says that every woman is destined for a good man in their lives no matter how many failed dates she has been to or had.

“I stole this from my childhood friends insta stories ( sorry babe 🙊🙈)… I Love it!
I am a firm believer that no matter how many frogs you’ve kissed along the way…you will one day find your prince. It might take a while and then BOOM! When you least expect it you will connect with a wonderful man.”

I wasted 6 years loving the wrong man – Lilian Muli admits

She adds that every woman deserves to be loved right and respected.

“I value respect more; I believe you can’t Love if there’s no respect.

I love me a man who knows how to love his woman. And yes there are so many good men out there. So many!!! So why settle for breadcrumbs when you could have the full meal all to yourself 😊.”

Lilian Muli post

This is not the first time Lilian is ranting and calling out toxic men.

Last year on Christmas-eve, Lilian took her followers by surprise when she publicly dumped her baby daddy Jared, terming him a narcissist and a community husband.

She accused him of infidelity stating that she would rather die than to be associated with Ombogi again.

She later confirmed in a TV interview that they had worked out their differences and that they were back together.

“Some of the downside of whatever that we do and how we handle our social media is that you can have a weak moment, you humanly put something out there that you can’t take back and people would jump on that and ride with it.

“Unfortunately I have learnt that not everything comes across as you would want to come across. I made peace with what it is I did,” a regrettable Muli stated.

We all hope that this message is not directed at the baby daddy.



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