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Common visible mistakes women wearing wigs make

Wigs came to make our lives (ladies) easy. But we make small common mistakes that make us look ridiculous in wigs. We have you covered. Here are afew mistakes we make and how to solve them and never make them again.

1. Not properly wrapping your wig

Your hair needs to be properly wrapped. You can opt to plait some flat cornrows or just wrap your hair but it needs to be close to your scalp.This will cause the wig to lay comfortably on your head without bulging out. This will make the wig look nice. Very natural like its your own hair.


2. Wearing the wrong color of wig cap

A wig cut should be of the same complexion with your skin. So if you choose a wig cap that is lighter that your skin complexion, it will definitely look unrealistic.The wig cap will also help in flattening the hair even more

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3. Putting wig part line in the wrong place

If the wig part line is on the side always wear it on the side, if you put it in the middle its will look crazy.This will also help in making the wig look much natural.

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4. Density of the wig

If it is an afro wig, the density need to be high. So if the density is low for an afro, it will definitely look funny and not natural. So density varies with the wig. Ladies, choose the right wig with the right density.


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5. cutting the lace from the wig when its is not on your head

Most people who do this dont know it is a mistake. When you cut the lace from the wig when your head, you will follow the shape of your hairline. When you cut it while its not on your head you will have difficulties in wearing the wig.

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