Common Mistakes That Show “Disinterest” To Your Date

There are some mistakes that we make subconsciously while on a date that shows we are not interested. Many of these mistakes are made unknowingly, and unfortunately they are common.

Here is a list according to R.Yosef of Eharmony

Closed Body Language – Keeping your arms crossed over you chest, looking away, checking your phone all the time etc. If you are on a date, you need to sit and look/lean towards your date when they talk to show that you are listening and paying attention.

Monotone Voice – A flat tone shows that you are not really into the date. Your voice can tell whether you are bored, excited or pissed off. Ensure that your tone variates to the information relayed. If it’s a joke, laugh, don’t just put a serious face on. Plus, it will help in matching your date’s voice tone.

Answering Questions Generally – Standard answers like those given by customer care reps do not apply on dates. Details are important, they make you connect and give off a positive vibe. Sharing vibes will make you comfortable.

Avoid RBF (Resting B$#*& face) –  This is an expressionless face , where you don’t smile, frown, flinch etc. Using this face makes people think you are not interested at all and are even bored or pissed off. Instead.. smile.

Using Absolutes – Using words like “have to”, “right now”, “never”,  and “can’t” when it applies to circumstances in life and reaching your goal vs. being in a relationship convey that you’re not ready or open to a relationship. You are simply closed off to anything.

Setting A Negative Tone – When you are bitter from previous relationships, it will show. You will complain and feel like you deserve more, your confidence is beaten and you appear self loathing. Listen to what you say to your dates and what you’re saying to yourself. Scan for negativity and leave it at the door.

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