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Common Dating Mistakes Kenyan Women Make

Dating has evolved over the years and a lot has changed. Back in the day, it was mostly relatives who did the matchmaking. They looked for what they deemed suitable for their children and hooked them up with deserving mates.

Fast forward to the current situation where inter tribal/racial relationships/marriages are thriving as people make their own choices on who to date. That aside, many men have complained about how women behave during the dating period. Some of the habits they detest about SOME Kenyan women during dates include:

Bringing your friend/s to a date – When someone invites you over for a date it simply means that they want to spend time with you, to know you, understand what you’re about and maybe see how things will go forward. Tagging along your friends is not acceptable as it shows your lack of regard for the person who invited you and also shows your lack of interest in them for lack of a better term. Unless someone asks you to bring a friend or it’s a double date then go alone. Should you feel uncomfortable, meet the person in a public place and inform someone of your whereabouts.

Asking for money – Unless it’s official that you are dating, it is not polite to ask for money; and even if you are dating PLEASE do not make it a habit. Your man is not De la Rue. Women with the habit of asking for money for airtime, salon, fare and other petty things are giving others a bad name. You are at liberty to decline a date/meeting if you do not have money to get there and back home and you are free to reschedule to a later date when you can afford the “fare”. Also, you need to remember that just because you’ve been invited for a date doesn’t mean you go with an empty pocket… Have some money for emergency.

Asking for expensive things – Just because someone is paying doesn’t mean that you should ask for the most expensive meal/drink on the menu. A rule of thumb is, “always ask for what you are used to and what you can afford”. There is a reason why you’ve heard of men bailing out on bills and leaving people embarrassed. If you are used to Guarana stick to that, don’t start asking for Johnie Walker Platinum yet you cannot afford it and even worse you chase the drink with fanta!!

Too much make up – Unless you are going to shoot a video please drop the goth, barbie doll and drag queen look!! The date is not about color schemes or make up shades. however, A little make up doesn’t hurt. On that note too many accessories are a turn off too.

Not dressing the part – If you are invited for a cocktail dinner for the love of God please don’t go dressed in tights or ripped jeans.. dress the part. Also there is a fine line between dressing sexy and dressing indecently .If you keep on pulling that dress down, or you have to keep adjusting it because you’re uncomfortable change the dress.

Random dates – Just because he works in town and you are around doesn’t mean he will be available for lunch or coffee all the time. If you’re in town sometimes just call and say hi and even offer to buy him lunch or something. Don’t always think he has money to spend on you always.

Drama – You go out for dinner then decide to go to the club for abit and he’s stopped by another female…You roll your eyes and catch feelings. The whole night will be about him trying to convince you that was his childhood friend or neighbour. Sometime jealousy might kick in but take it home not in public.

Looking at your phone – We all have phones but very many women are addicted to checking their phones even when its not necessary. Looking at snapchat, instagram, facebook, whatsapp among others is rude behaviour. When on a date it’s important to concentrate on the person who brought you there. Engage in conversation unless  you are both chatting via phone during the date. Did  I mention taking pics of the food?? that too is completely unnecessarily.

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