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In order to achieve anything worthwhile in life, be it a good relationship, a successful business or academic excellence, one needs commitment. However there are a lot of things that go hand in hand with commitment.

Commitment : This is the dedication one has towards a cause. It may be work, relationship, business, hobbies etc.  It takes a lot of dedication to focus and achieve a cause that one wants. But it also requires more than commitment to get what you want.

Attitude – The way you perceive something will eventually determine the outcome. A positive mindset will not only be encouraging to you as an individual but will also allow you to see setbacks as a step forward in the right direction. You will also understand that there will be challenges along the way but with a positive attitude, the challenges will propel you.

Mindset – When you decide you want to work on something, put your mind to it. Focus, allow your imagination to run, note down your ideas it will make everything easier to remember. Documentation will be able to show you the progress or errors you make on your path towards a successful business, relationship etc. Listening to the opinion of others is fine but do not allow them to decide for you, stick to your idea and make it work.

Doing the right thing – Most people opt for short cuts towards their desired goals in life. However such only serve as short term solutions. Doing the right thing may take longer but it will give you the much desired result. The duration taken to  achieve your goal  may be longer but it pays better if you do the right thing and not just what is convenient at the time.

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