Here Comes The Bride: Risper Faith And Brian Set To Wed Come February

Risper Faith and Brian traditionally got married last year and we have been eagerly waiting for the white, and the time is right around the corner.

According to The Raverend’s Juice, Risper Faith’s fairy tale ends with a white wedding set for early February in Nairobi. The Raverend cannot reveal the date and venue because the information is private and confidential.

However, Nairobi Diaries enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Risper Faith and Brian have set the date finally and the invites have been sent out.

Please note, of the entire cast, only Bridget has been invited, even though Luwi had initially stated that he too had been invited and he will be attending the wedding all for Risper.

The female cast that claimed they had affairs with the groom, Brian, were dis-invited.

You will also notice that the couple did not show up for the reunion in which Mishi and Lisa exchanged words. For obvious reasons. The last thing a couple needs is someone shading their relationship and casting aspersions on it.

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