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Comedian YY slammed for filming sick baby mama

Comedian YY has shared a scary moment of his baby’s mother Marya Okoth in hospital. The comedian said Marya couldn’t breathe and had to be rushed to the hospital at 3 AM.

3 am last night really got us. I was so scared @marya_okoth couldn’t breathe…I had to call an ambulance and she got stabilized at the parking before we left for the hospital to determine the cause.”

He went on to share the advantages of having an insurance policy.

We thank God…with all honesty I have spent more than double what I paid to sign up for a medical cover but we still paid nothing …I Highly recommend during such times.”

At the same time, fans have been left with mixed reactions because the comedian’s video looked more like an advertisement for a Nairobi-based hospital.

Check out fans’ reactions below;

Tommyfirl680: Hii ni advert ama ni really….. Who films at a time of crisis?

Momwichigi: Sounds more of an Ad than reality. Anyho

Jaeanetteatieno: Lmao😂😂😂 n u had the time to record n sm1 wasnt breathing at 3am…smh #lost nation

Sammyanditi: Did we just see an advertisement scheme, damn

Demnaso1: Sijui watu hupata wapi nguvu ya kuchukua video during such a scaring emergency. Hope am not overthinking.

Its_asman: You had time to film all this 😂😂😂 biashara nee😂😂 biashara 😂😂

Chief Mzazi: We dont pray for sickness but if it strikes you won’t find time to film. Usicheze na ugonjwa ask around wat it means anyway promotion lazima ipigwe

Shel.ton: And you had the time to film this while she was almost dying😂😂…kenya kuna mchezo mingi😂

Randy: Soci: Tooo much ad. Never be a clout person. We have serious problems which happen.kijana Heshimu Mungu.

Amondisharon: Eish, kutafuta pesa ni ngumu,you even have time to record emergency cases

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