YY, the comedian

They are hard to love…Comedian YY speaks on challenges dating single mothers

Stand-up comedian YY has made it big in our entertainment industry by speaking his mind through the comedy he does. That truth might often be painful or controversial to hear.

Another interesting thing is that the comedian isn’t afraid to reveal some of these unpopular truths even without the veil (safe space) the comedic genre affords him.

YY, the comedian

The funnyman recently engaged his online fans in a Q&A and the issue of single mothers seemed to be a no-go zone for him.

A fan posed:

“Can you marry a lady with a kid?” He said that he didn’t mind it but under certain conditions.

“Yeah if it is of God…First, most single mums make their child(ren) a priority even before the man and he then feels like a third party. But most single mothers are hard to love because they make decisions 100% based on their children or how it influences them. This makes you close to a 3rd wheel… ‘what will my child think?’”

YY, the comedian

He added,

“Second, these women act on emotions and not based on reasoning and logic, therefore, creating an imbalance. It is more of how they feel not how things should be… A great single mother is she who has emotions but only acts on logic.”

Women are technically the heads in our homes – YY Comedian’s emotional message

He went on to add that baby mamas rarely heal from their past especially the relationships that led them to have a kid and it becomes difficult to deal with them. This he said was compounded by the fact that the baby daddy remains part of the woman’s life and seemingly in control of her actions and feelings.

YY, the comedian

But that doesn’t mean the comedian isn’t out here dating. YY revealed that due to the nature of his job, his woman once felt insecure after he spent more time shooting than expected.

“This disorganized his day’s schedule, and never made it to pick his girl. Following morning, she had every reason to believe he was out with another woman,” he said.

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