Comedian Shaniqwa narrates how he landed the slay queen TV role

Kelvin Mwangi known for his witty character as Shaniqwa on KTN’s show Jameni  has opened up about how he landed the role on KTN.

Speaking to Jeff Kuria TV, the father of one said he was first fired from his first TV comedy show after the company he was working for changed their management.

“The new manager said they could not understand the show. We held a meeting at Tribeka hotel, and that is how, I was fired. Everyone was given their money. I went home directly. They said it was a boring show.”

Shaniqwa said he went back to acting set books and bagged another role on KTN.

“I went back to acting set book. I used to earn sh 500. I went to live with my friend in Kasarani. I used to direct my friend’s setbook but later I went back to Kirinyaga to do farming. It was so tough and ugly. I loved a soft life.”

He recounted how comedian JB Masanduku called him saying he had gotten him a chance at KTN.

“I was put in a room to imitate our president but the character failed. I knew I was okay. I would listen to Uhuru’s speech to perfect. The producer told me I did not have talent. The contract was so promising but I had failed.”

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The producer promised to give me an extra character but luckily they changed a producer and the next time he went for audions, they wanted a slay queen.

“I wanted to become a celebrity who lead a soft life like Nick Mutuma. I was so confused if I wanted the role of a slayqueen but I did well,” he said.

After going back home while living in Kayole, someone told me they had seen him on TV.

“After like two weeks, I met someone who told me I am on TV. I did now own a TV. I called Terence and he broke the news to me and gave me the producer’s contacts. That is how the character Shaniqwa was born.”

After a few years of being comfortable, Shaniqwa said he was fired from the show.

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