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Comedian Njoro battles depression, talks contemplating suicide


Popular comedian Njoro, has been battling depression and even tried contemplainting suicide three times. The comedian opened up about his story revealing that he has been under medication

‘maisha imenitandika sana. I contemplated suicide three times na zote zimefail but that’s God’s plans. Hadi mathee akasema hapana huyu kijana anaenda…’ he said,


‘Truth be told siko poa. Mimi it drained me mpaka nikaingia depression and it was bad. I’ve been on medication but things arent good. My dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer, I have four kids to take care of…and lost everything’

Njoro, who cracked our ribs whenever he featured on churchill show went ahead to share disturbing details.

‘October, November, and December last year nilikuwa mbaya. Instagram yangu sikuwa napost anything because I was in a bad state. I wanted to commit suicide at viewpoint but god sent someone. I was saying my last prayer when a truck driver heard me. He put a towing rope on my car and after I was done with prayers, I was ready to die but the car wasn’t moving. He told ‘hutwafanya hio kitu’ and we attracted a crowd,’ he recounted.

The father of four continued,

‘The first suicide attempt I took rat and rat and the second attempt I bought dawa ya ng’ombe (chemical used in cattle dips to clean animals) and another time I tried chopping off my wrist, but they all didn’t work. I lost everything, friends and that’s what triggered depression.’

Photo of distraught Njoro mourning at Papa Shirandula’s grave moves Kenyans

He admitted that he stopped taking alcohol and would like to visit trained personnel in mental health to counsel him and asked well-wishers to give him a job.

‘Sahii comedy no. Kama kuna mtu ako na kazi aniite hata kesho nitaanza.’

His revelation comes after comedianne Zeddy came out to say that Njoro and comedian Wakimani were depressed. Wakimani has since sought help.

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