Comedian Eric Omondi has lost 21 Kgs since his ‘Wife Material’ show began

Eric Omondi has lost 21 Kgs since he started the first season of Wife Material show.

Before the show started in December last year, the comedian showed off a new look with some abs and a ripped body after putting a lot of time in the gym and fixing his diet.

The muscles have since disappeared.

Sharing on Instagram, Eric claimed this was due to all the women he had to please during his famed show, hence losing a lot of energy.

“At the beginning of #WifeMaterialOne I weighed 78 Kgs and was extremely muscled up, by the end of #WifeMaterial2 I am 57Kgs with diminished muscles (Handling 23 Women is not a joke).”

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Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi

He further noted he was getting back to work and wanted to go back to 80kg.

“Now I have to get back and go all the way to 80 Kgs of pure, lean muscles before #WifeMaterial3 and maintain it forever… let’s goo.”

He shared a video showing off some of the nutritional supplements he was to use and also food such as chicken and fish and a room in his house which he has turned into a gym for an easy workout at home.

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