Comedian Cartoon apologizes to her fans over insensitive joke

Content creator Cartoon Comedian was on the receiving end after releasing a comedy skit that did not sit well with a section of her fans on social media.

In a now-deleted video clip, the actress brings to life a character named Matilda complains of mistreatment from her employers.

Fans camped in her comment section to complain about the insensitive joke according to them.

Lillian Babie on Facebook wrote;

“This is the reason why you wasted your data making such content. Do you think anyone can wake up pack direct to gulf to do nothing? Respect our brothers and sisters in diaspora. I think they follow you the most. Let me remind you #cartoon, they will make it, they will win. They are not victims but Victors. Remember nothing is permanent.”

Video of Jay Z’s reaction seeing Kelly Rowland is so priceless


Cartoon responded to the clip saying it was labelled dark humour.

“Sorry for those who got offended, it was a dark humor na Iliekwa disclaimer, that’s why I don’t have the video in my pages na hio iko tiktok is not my account…poleni to those affected.”

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