colonial time bomb

Colonial time bomb discovered in Tigania East

A bomb believed to have been used in colonial era was found on Saturday at Mbaranga, Tigania East constituency.

The bomb was found in a farm next to a river by children who were playing.

The area was being used as a training camp for British soldiers during the colonial era.

Antuanduru chief Jeremiah Murira said the bomb was found by children who were playing on a farm near the forest.

“They thought it was a scrap metal but we later informed the police who later arrived and took off the explosive. This is not the first one to be found in this area as it was used as a miltary training ground during the colonial era,” Murira said.

He said the bomb which was motor shaped was taken by Isiolo bomb experts.

“I urge resident to look out  and if they come across any metal shaped objects they should inform the police as a number of explosives have been discovered in the area,” he said.

-Dennis Dibondo

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