From clubs to nyama choma zone, here are places men mingle

Men love being in social spaces where they can mingle with ease. These social places provide a place for men to speak out their issues without fear. Here are those places:

1. Clubs

Alcohol is dear to most men. They have to pass through their favourite joint to take a few bottles of their favourite alcohol. These joints attract all sort of men who come to refresh their minds.

club manenos

With screens showing international football matches, it’s worth a good ending. Men talk business, politics and football in these places amidst the loud music.

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2. Nyama choma zone

Meat is bae. Coupled with a bottle of beer, it has to be one of the best feelings ever. That tantalizing piece of roasted beef sprinkled with some herbs feels soo good in the mouth.


Men flock these places to have a bite. Most of the chamas with male members hold their meetings in these places. We see men with large tummies walking around. Blame it on the mix of beer and nyama choma diet.

3. Football stadiums


It’s all about the adrenaline of the game. Since time immemorial, men have always been avid fans of this game. You’ll find them in the arena cheering their favourite teams while on two feet. The tension that builds up as the game is on play have men shouting, cursing and in times of defeat quiet. Men hug, high five and even cry when their teams secure a win.

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4. Boardrooms

This space is mostly for the elite in the society. Business deals and financial reports are made here. Movers of the society occupy these places. Mature talks are made in these spaces. It’s an association of men of substance. These places build high-end relationship where money talks. This space is for the few who make decisions for the larger society.

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