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6 more girls also suffered! Bridget Achieng ramps up allegations against Ringtone

The war of words between socialite Bridget Achieng and Ringtone doesn’t seem to be abetting any time soon. First off, a little back story.

Bridget had earlier in the week claimed that she had been raped by gospel artist Ringtone a few years ago, something that the singer quickly shut down, saying that she was clout-chasing.

His viewpoint was echoed by some people online who asked how she had been able to keep quiet with the news for the past 7 years?

Ringtone even insulted Miss Achieng by calling her a “fat cow” while dismissing the claims of raping her and says that this was just a means of spoiling his name.

Bridget Achieng explains the sexism she has faced as a woman in the events industry

But the mother of one is tenacious and has refused to be relegated to mere clout-chaser.

In fact, she came out with more information concerning the particular date when the alleged assault occurred.

She claims she met him in church after he approached her and praised her for her good singing.

He later invited her to his house to record there; claiming he had a recording studio in his house.

”We were seated on the couch. We were waiting for the producer… And he locked the door, went with the key. All of a sudden the man came back and was just talking to me. All of a sudden he just grabbed me. The next thing I knew I was down and the rest is history…”

That wasn’t the worst part. She also alleged that he had done the same to 6 more girls! And guess what Ringtone’s response has been to the new allegation?

He posted a video clip of himself singing his popular 2020 song, “Zoea Mawe”.

The gist of the song is about how the Christian life is tough and one should be ready for mud-slinging as the Lord promotes them.

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