Classic 105’s biggest fan Wakanai celebrates wedding anniversary with beautiful wife Martha

Wakanai aka Big Poppa Pimpin is a frequent caller in the Classic 105 morning show by Maina Kageni  and Mwalimu Kinagangi. He is loved and loathed in equal measure.

Despite how good the situation might be he always finds an excuse or a reason to paint women in bad light , something that has left many wondering if he is married and if yes to whom.

To clear the doubt on women’s mind – yes – Wakanai is a married man and he is not only married but happily married to top it all to a woman identified as Martha(below).

It may be a bitter pilll to swallow, but he does adore and lavish praise on her as they enjoy each others company.



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He took to his social media page to celebrate his wife and give us some marriage advice. He wrote the caption below followed by a photo of him and his wife

“Marriage is sweet when husband and wife are best friends…Happy Anniversary.”


Despite Wakanai’s public comments on women, it is obvious that he is smitten by his wife and he does not mind spending time with her given the fact he flaunts her to all who might care to see.

While most of us are busy waiting for discounted offers, Wakanai goes all the way to make sure the love of his life has seen it all.

Here are photos of the couple for those who might be finding it hard to believe.


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