Classic 105’s biggest fan Captain Kale’s throwbacks prove you are not ugly, you are just broke (Photos)

He is often controversial and does not hesitate to take on Maina Kageni as they debate the morning topics on Classic 105.

Captain Kale’s voice is un-mistakeable, and anyone who knows him, is fully aware that he is a no-nonsense army guy.

Well, he has gone ahead to share some throwback photos of how he looked before the money.

They say money is not everything and money can’t buy everything. But is that true or false.

On social media he posted his TB  (throw back) pictures and ‘kweli watu hutoka mbali’

His caption of the picture was,

“You’re not ugly, you’re just broke!”

Here are some his throw back photos and his current photos.



kale 1



















kale 3


























kale 2
Classic 105’s biggest fan Captain Kale back in the day

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