Classic 105’s biggest fan Captain Kale on why he won’t allow his two son’s to marry

Captain Kale is well known as the frequent caller on Classic 105’s morning show with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingang’i where he holds nothing back.

The very vocal man is a frequent caller to our station, where he contributes to Maina’s morning conversation, bashing women and the choices they make in life.

Why does he choose to be so controversial on matters women? He revealed this during an interview with Mpasho. Read on below



I am captain Vincent Kale I work at barracks, the name captain is my title. I’m married to one wife and I have two sons. I don’t hate women, the problem with current women – these slay queens want to take their pettiness in marriage. Marriage is not where jokers should be, it’s a real business. You want to mold your kids and as a wife, your husband is your second god and a king. So it is not all about hate, it is just that I want ladies to treat their husbands the way their mothers treated their husbands.

Like now days you find ladies drink like their fathers, they don’t cook like their mothers. There are cases whereby a lady will drink a whole Jameson alone and she is not drunk yet she stills asks for another mzinga. That’s why now marriages are not successful and that is the reason I normally call in to Classic105 to advise these young generation.”

He is completely against slay queens for the following reason.


I have never dated a slay queen and I will never. Slay queens should change because they are horrible. I have two boys and if at all life will continue this way, I don’t think I will allow my boys to marry because who are they going to marry? it is better they get kids and bring them up and I will help them out.”

The captain made it clear that single mothers are the main problem in Kenyan society.

Single women are the problem in our society because the single woman is not all grounded, so their children are not brought up well. The father figure is very important in life because there are those values that they will impose on a child. So without a father there is a problem although there are some men who impregnate a woman and run away”.

He concluded by saying.”A woman should not bring up a child alone.”

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