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Classic 105’s biggest fan advises slay queens dating married men

Captain Kale who is Classic 105’s most vocal contributor and fan has a few lessons for slay queens who date married men.

The father of two is totally against young women dating married men and he said;

“Dating a man married man is like driving a government car: it shouldn’t give you any hope that it will be yours someday. Similarly, he will never be yours, you can’t take it to the bank, they are fake dollars,”

It doesn’t end there. In an interview seen by Classic 105, he explained further why young women are going to continue being miserable as long as they have affairs with married men.

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“You should know that we love our wives so so much, we’re just lying to you. We’ll even tell you how our wives are awful, tell you the marriage is falling apart, that it’s beyond saving, we’ll try to make you believe that you’re the best, but deep down, we can’t leave our wives for you.”

He added that for the slay queens who are unable to keep off older men, they should look for the rich ones so that they invest before things get bad.

” Keep off and if you can’t keep off, then at least make it an investment, since he will never be yours and he doesn’t love you, milk him, mummy, make it a business, come out of it a rich woman. Don’t date a broke married man, go for the rich ones. And don’t stay for too long in that relationship, use your brains, milk him as fast as you can then run, and never ever get pregnant for a married man, even if he promises to marry you, even if he promises you heaven, play safe mummy, because utalilia kwa choo.”

Ladies, there you have it. From a married man to young slay queens who want sponsors.

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