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She isn’t even in my class like Zari – Ringtone dismisses socialite Shakila (exclusive)

Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko has been in the news this week after trending socialite Shakila announced that he had slid into her DMs.

She made that confession while speaking to Xtian Dela during a live Instagram session. I called the singer to hear his side of the story and he dismissed her claims telling me that he didn’t know her, had never seen her, or even met her!

“When she says that she came to my place in Runda that is close to Kubai, that isn’t true. I leave in a different area of Runda. Tell them to do their homework and scroll Instagram and see the type of cars that I have posted and learn.”

Adding that she should prove her case, saying,

If it is true, Shakila should prove the evidence with texts I sent her. She should prove that I used the number she gave me. Like most gospel artistes I get many messages on my DMs. I scroll through them and because I have thousands of DMs and answer some. When someone asks whether we should meet and have coffee on the DMs, does that mean I should refuse as a gospel artiste? Yes, why not. I get millions of DMs, some wanting a collabo and others telling my about their problems. I am a public figure. It was all PR for me.

He then went on to say that she wasn’t even the type of woman that he would date. “She isn’t even in my class. She isn’t even my type. I am the type of man who buys Range Rover’s for the women I am into. My class of women ni kuanzia Zari na kuendelea juu!”

He then stressed the issue of the type and class of woman he dates saying,

“If I could buy Zari a Range Rover…Have you seen that girl really? Please don’t lower my class. I have a lot of class. She is not in my league. I don’t think even people like Willy Paul can relate to her. She is a bit down.”

The “Zoea Mawe” then went on to conclude that he would never sue her but would treat her like a naughty younger sister.

“That girl, I would meet her and discipline her like an older brother. I can’t sue a poor person,” he derisively said.

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