Celestine Gachuhi aka Selina

The things I went through with my stepmom were hard – Selina actress Celestine Gachuhi

Popular Selina actress Celestine Gachuhi aka Selina is one of the most popular actresses in Kenya not named Brenda Wairimu or Cate Actress.

The 23-year-old high recently opened up to her fans about the hurdles she had to get through to reach her peak. Selina revealed this information on her YouTube channel where she explained how her childhood hadn’t been a bed of roses.

Celestine Gachuhi aka Selina
Celestine Gachuhi

The actress lost her mother when she was in class 5, an experience that left her without a proper mother-figure. What ensued was her bouncing around different schools with the hardest part of that being his father marrying another woman to fill the void in his heart.

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This translated to a life full of problems for Selina that she always hoped would end.

“When I was in Class Five my mum passed away. In 2007 my dad got married to my stepmom. I finished primary school in Nakuru and was taken to Narok County afterward and life was not good and as amazing as it should be for people joining high school,” the star said.

Celestine Gachuhi aka Selina

The actress admitted her stepmother had every character of the typical stepmoms in movies. She made Selina and her siblings suffer and her childhood was marred by sadness thanks to this.

“The kind of life I was living depressed me and the things I went through with my stepmom were hard,” Selina added.

The actress then resolved to move to Nairobi and live with her sister in a single-roomed house.

Celestine Gachuhi aka Selina

There, she discovered her passion for acting and would participate in traveling theatres.

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