City woman tells Maina Kageni, ‘These Kenyan men do not understand the meaning of love!’

Never marry a woman who you love but marry a woman who loves you, these were the exact words from a caller of Classic 105 morning conversation with Maina and King’ang’i.

Maina asked, “So you mean that if you, a lady, is happily married then her husband is tolerating her but there is no love? There is either no love at all, or there is complete love?”

King’ang’i made it clear, saying that they love them but si ile upendo ya ujinga, adding that men should not love their women completely.

The reason your men will not buy you flowers today being a Valentine, is because they do not love you, Maina concluded.

The discussion brought in mixed reactions from the listeners with some saying “I still can’t understand how that works, marry someone you don’t love and call it a happy marriage? No wonder by the end of the day the guy will cheat with the one he loves out there.”

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A female caller said, “This thing is very clear Maina. These Kenyan do not understand the meaning of love, they think that by buying a woman a car, a house or anything precious that it is enough love. They also think that by women having all that, they feel loved but that is not the fact. The fact is that when women leave their parents home to get married by you men, they need love and not those cars. She also asked the men to clarify if those house they claim to have bought for their women they are also living there.

If you think that buying the car for her is a sign of love, then put the logbook under her name.

Others love their children more than their wives.

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