City woman confesses she can’t stay away from her five exes and her husband knows (AUDIO)

I see your judging faces already. C’mon guys, fess up. I know many of you are in touch with your exes and probably hang out secretly.

So on classic 105 morning conversation with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu, many callers disclosed that they can’t stay away from their exes, and maintain that it won’t stop. They even tried to convince Maina that they are ‘just friends’ and nothing more. Really?

Former KANU politician Jackson Kibor was recently granted a divorce from his wife of 51 years, but in an interview with the standard, she confessed that she still wants him back and is willing to give their relationship another try. But nooo.. the old man is done and has kicked her to the curb.

Maina Kageni wanted to know if it’s possible for people to be just friends.

Mwalimu’s thoughts on the matter? ‘Impossible, yaliyopita sindwele’.

This is where it gets more interesting.

A married lady called in and confessed that she talks daily to her five exes. Her dear hubby knows because according to her, hiding these details from each other will create problems in a relationship.

‘My husband used to get calls from his former girlfriends, but wouldn’t answer until one day when I told him to pick up the calls. I have five exes and they are my best friends. When I got my first child, the first person to come see the baby was my exe, I even told my husband my ex was coming to see me.’

‘During my dowry visits, my exes also came, they are the only people I invited’, she continued narrating the shocking details as Maina listened.


Listen to the whole conversation below;


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